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Uxbridge Fall Fair horse show

We have renewed our commitment to the Uxbridge Fall Fair for this year.

We will run the 2024 Fall Fair Western Speed and Games Day on Saturday September 7, 2024.

The show begins at 8:30 am.  Please enter the fairgrounds from Main Street (Concession 7).

  1. To register for the Uxbridge Fall Fair Western Speed Events and Games  Print out the Entry Form below. You will also need to print the applicable Waiver Form as detailed in step #8.
  2. Fill out the Entry Form rider, owner and insurance information etc..
  3. In the “Total” Column (the last column) of the Entry Form enter your UHA Member Fee or the UHA Non-Member Fee for the classes that you wish to enter.
  4.  Add up your Class costs and the $10.00 Administration cost. Fill in this amount in the space for “Total Payable for Show Entry”.
  5. Circle your payment method and fill in “Total Monies Paid” once you have completed the e-transfer. Note: e-transfer payments must be made to treasurer@uxbridgehorsemen.com . Please note the riders name in the memo portion of the e-transfer. Please use the password Fair2024. Cash or cheques will be accepted at pre-registration on September 5, 2024 at Elgin Park at the horse ring (see #9 below for more information).
  6. Take a picture of the front page of the completed Entry Form and text it to our Show Director, Diane Smullen at 416-998-9667 along with a screenshot of your e-transfer if that is how you paid. (proof of payment).
  7. Complete the information, initial and sign where required on the backside of the Entry Form.
  8. Print out and complete the “Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability” Waiver (AR-0103) for the rider.  Use the “Under the Age of Majority” Waiver if the rider is under 18 on September 7, 2024, otherwise use the “Over Age of Majority” Waiver.
  9. Bring your completed Entry Form and the “Under” or “Over the Age of Majority” Waiver to the Show (at least one hour before the start time) of the first class you are entering on Saturday or If you wish to receive the free Fair entry wrist bands, to avoid paying to enter the Fairgrounds on Saturday, you must have paid and handed in the hard copy of the completed Entry Form and Waiver by coming to the UHA Pre-Registration Meeting at Elgin Park on Thursday, September 5, 2024 between 4:30 and 7:30 pm. Doing this will qualify each competitor to receive a maximum of 3 wrist bands one each for the rider, groom and driver (if required).
  10.  The Entry Deadline to text in completed Entry Forms (if not submitted at the UHA Pre- Registration Meeting) is Thursday September 5, 2024 at 9pm. Your text submission must include a picture of the front page of the Entry Form and proof of payment (screenshot your e-transfer). Text to the Show Director, Diane Smullen at 416-998-9667.

  11. A Late Entry fee of $20.00 will apply for all registrations submitted after Thursday September 5, 2024 at 9pm. We will have Entry and Waiver Forms at the UHA Registration Office at the Fair. (Late entries should be completed at least one hour before the start time) of the first class you are entering.

  12. UHA Membership and their corresponding e-transfers must be completed online at https://www.uxbridgehorsemen.com/membership/ no later than Thursday September 5, 2024 at 9pm.  Late Membership submissions will not be granted Membership pricing at the Fair.

We Would like to Welcome our 2024 Partners!


Douglas Crossing

6 Douglas Rd, Uxbridge

Phone: (289) 640-1922



Green Tractors

620 Durham Road 21 Port Perry



Welcome Hepburn Trailers!

5200 ON-9, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0

(905) 939-2279

Welcome Jones Pools! 

478 Old Highway 47, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4

(905) 642-9522

Welcome Port Perry Vet Services!

1589 King Street
Prince Albert, Ontario
L9L 1C2

Phone: 905-982-1243



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