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2019 saddle fitting and massage therapy clinic

March 23, 2019 from 10-2
Joe and Michelle from Canterbury Outpost Saddlery discussed saddle fitting as it relates to how a saddle Balances front to back, whether or not there’s contact along the withers and contact along the back. They discussed what we will see from our horse with different types of ill fitting saddles and how Joe and Michelle would remedy those issues. Joe And Michelle discussed several types of saddles, English, Western, Polo and dressage saddles. They were both very knowledgeable and thorough. Everyone was able to feel the fit of a perfect fitting saddle and a poorly fitted saddle. It was a great hands on interactive clinic. If you would like a saddle fitting from Joe and Michelle, their website is http://www.canterburyoutpostsaddlery.ca


Vanessa Beach RMT, CEMT
Vanessa discussed what she looks for when meeting a horse, gait analysis, confirmation, what the horses job is and their health history. Vanessa discussed different disciplines and what issues each discipline suffers from. Vanessa demonstrated to the crowd how to quickly check our horse’s for issues they may have from light or heavy work. Vanessa also showed us how to stretch our horses the correct way so not only is the horse safe, but so are we. It was a very informative and hands on clinic. Vanessa Beach is a very knowledgeable and thorough Equine Massage Therapist and we were very fortunate that she shared some of her knowledge with the members of the Uxbridge Horsemen’s Association.
Vanessa Beach can be reached at (905) 852-1009

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