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Want to keep up to date on what is going on?

Send us an email at info@uxbridgehorsemen.com with your first and last name and we will add you to our General Information List.

You can also check out our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/UxbridgeHorsemen

2022 Photo Contest:

Each year the UHA produces a calendar for our Members.  Our Gold Partners and other Sponsors advertise in the calendar and the funds raised support the Association.  We run a photo contest for our members to submit their pictures to be featured in the calendar.  chosen submissions are then entered in a draw and the winner receives a gift certificate to a local tack shop, feed company or restaurant.  Photos can be submitted to photocontest@uxbridgehorsemen.com


In 2022, Joanne Michner has offered to take on the job of organizing the calendar, printing, advertising and running the photo contest.

Here are her tips for a great photo:


10 Tips for Better Pictures:


1. Get to know how your camera/phone shoots and its settings before you need it.

If in doubt, just take a test shot to see what you’ll end up with. Devices vary greatly and so do the results you’ll achieve with them.


2. Make sure your subject is in focus.

Sounds like a given but make sure the focus (literally) is where you want it to be. Most phone cameras will allow you to tap the screen to specify the focus area.


3. Check your background.

Take a second to ensure that everything that’s there, should be there. Try and avoid busy backgrounds as they can detract from your picture. Make sure that the background isn’t interfering with your subject, we’ve all seen the pictures where it looks like a tree, or other object, is growing from the top of someone’s head.


4. Skip the zoom.

Wherever possible, get as close as you can to the action/subject. This is especially true when you’re shooting with your phone. Resolution suffers over greater distances and when using the zoom feature, which can result in grainy photos that lack clarity and definition.


5. Try using your flash outdoors and during the day.

A flash can soften harsh shadows and even out existing light.


6. Take more than one shot of the same picture.

Don’t stop with one shot, keep taking a few more, or use the ‘burst’ mode. The slight difference between shots can make the difference between a ‘good’ shot and a ‘great‘ shot - or one ear up and both ears up.


7. Resist the urge to check your display immediately after taking a shot.

Reviewing photos can wait; keep that camera/phone where it is for another moment or two. Murphy’s Law guarantees that the perfect shot will present itself when you’ve lowered your device.


8. Clean the lens of your phone or camera.

Preferably not on your jeans but rather with a soft, lint-free cloth.


9. Know what media you are shooting for and adjust your photo orientation accordingly.

This won’t matter if you’re just out having some fun and the photos are for your own use. But let’s say you’re taking pictures you’d like to submit for inclusion in a calendar, such as the UHA’s annual members calendar. Given the landscape format of our calendar (where the page is wider than it is taller), we can only use landscape orientation photos. You may have the best photo ever but, if it’s a portrait orientation image (where it is taller than it is wider), there’s a 99.9% chance it won’t fit the page.


10. Frame your photo.

A stand of trees, a fence line, the corner of a barn or a doorway can act as a natural frame, ground your photo (so things don’t appear to float) and guide the viewer’s eye to your focal point.



UHA Calendar Photo Contest Rules


1. Only UHA members in good standing can submit a photo for calendar consideration.

2. All photos must be taken by UHA members.

3. The subject of all photos should be equine.

4. Please make sure you have permission to use the photo should there be people or other animals in the background.

5. Please send pictures in the highest resolution possible.

6. Please submit photos of ‘landscape’ orientation only. Landscape orientation refers to photos of a horizontal layout, where the photo is wider than it is taller.

Clinic Waiver Form:


Due to insurance requirements for the club, we need all participants in a RIDDEN clinic to complete both sides of our CLINIC WAIVER FORM.  Please print, fill out this form and bring with you to the clinic you are participating in.  We may also require proof of insurance so please bring that along with you on the day of the clinic as well.


Upcoming Events:


We are currently hoping our popular Schooling Show Series for 2021 will be able to be realized.  We have booked the following dates with the Township of Uxbridge for the use of Elgin Park:

Sunday May 16,2021

Sunday June 6, 2021

Sunday July 11, 2021 

Sunday Aug. 15, 2021
Saturday Sept. 11 and Sunday Sept.12 as part of the 2021 Uxbridge Fair.


 We are in planning stages for the 2021 Uxbridge Fall Fair at the moment. More information will be available when we know the status of the fair for 2021.


Clinics are on hold presently as we wait for restrictions to lift.  In the meantime, if you have a suggestion for an interesting clinic, please send us an email at info@uxbridgehorsemen.com.  We are always looking for ideas of interest to our members!

Not sure if we have something of interest for you as a member?

Check out the links on the left for details of clinics we have held in the past.  We try to hold clinics of general interest to all equestrians, regardless of discipline.  We hold a variety of clinics which are FREE with your membership, other clinics require a fee for the clinician.  Please read the clinic details carefully.


Do you have a clinic suggestion?  Send it in to info@uxbridgehorsemen.com along with your contact information and we will give you a call for more information on what you would like to see!

We Would like to Thank our 2020 Partners for their Support!

And Welcome our 2021 Partners:





 (905) 665-1506

Douglas Crossing

6 Douglas Rd, Uxbridge

Phone: (289) 640-1922




620 Durham Road 21 Port Perry 905-985-9701

465 Bloor St W Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 5Y5



We've Moved!!

1589 King Street
Prince Albert, Ontario
L9L 1C2

Phone: 905-982-1243



The Uxbridge Horsemen’s Association

PO Box 1494

Uxbridge, Ontario

L9P 1N6 


Email: info@uxbridgehorsemen.com

Our Sponsors:

These local retailers give discounts to current UHA Members.  Please support our local retailers!  Drop in and tell them you saw them on the UHA website!

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