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Uxbridge Horsemen's Association

The Uxbridge Horsemen’s Association is proud to support our local trail systems and advocates sharing the trails for multi-use, ensuring that equine access is included.  Please review our Multi-Use Trail Poster before heading out on the trails, or even better, download a copy and print for your barn!

The UHA has become an integral part of the Uxbridge Trail system with some of our Directors sitting on Conservation and Township committees.


Some of the projects we have helped with include:


  • Donated funds, labour and equipment to the TRCA to help with replacement of a large section of boardwalk in the Glen Major Forest with a more sustainable trail
  • Donated funds to GDA to assist with trail maintenance and other necessary projects

  • Provided expertise and planning for second stage of the boardwalk replacement in the Glen Major Forest which is currently in the proposal phase

  • Donated to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority to help maintain and improve trail infrastructure.
  • Significantly contributed materials, labour and equipment for maintenance and clean-up of the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve trails.
  • Provided volunteers to reroute a section of trail at the Uxbridge Countryside preserve
  • Supplied material and labour to help build 4 step-overs for the TRCA in the East Duffins Creek Headwaters Trails at the Walkerwoods and Wilder Forest on the 6th Concession south of Albright Rd.
  • Helped design boardwalks and bridges within Uxbridge Township that are designed to accommodate all user groups including equestrians
  • Designed and managed the reconstruction of Trans Canada Trail boardwalks at the Brookdale tract
  • Assisted the DMBA with construction and supplied and operated the equipment required for trail re-route at Observation Hill in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve.


Observation Hill Stabilization  

The hill leading up to the Observation Lookout in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve had suffered damage from public use so UHA President David Walker and helpers teamed up with the Township and the DMBA to stabilize the hill. In doing so, they’ve ensured the trail remains viable for all trail users.

Step-over Maintenance 

UHA volunteers cleaned up the fence line and constructed step-overs at the N1 trail entrance into Walker Woods. This allows equestrian access while helping to discourage unauthorized use.

Please be respectful of public trails when riding in our regional forests. If the ground is soft and your horse is leaving deep marks, don't ride. One thoughtless rider can create a 'no horses' rule and ruin it for everyone else.

sharing the trail: tips and advice for non-equestrain users


Encountering a horse on the trail can be very intimidating to people who are unaccustomed  to being around them. It's an understandable reaction considering the average horse weighs 363 kg (800 lbs).


Despite centuries of domestication, the horse's nature is still that of a prey animal - as opposed to a predator, which we are. This causes them to view things much differently than we do and dictates how they behave in certain situations. They are hard-wired by Mother Nature to avoid becoming someone's dinner.


For Additional Local Trail Information, please click on the following links:


This spring, those of you planning to ride in and around the TRCA’s East Duffins Headwater properties may see “Trails Closed” signs at entrances to the trailheads. These signs will be posted for a short period of time to allow the trails to recover from the spring thaw.

The spring thaw and the showers that accompany it, or even just a good rain, can turn your favorite trail into a large mud puddle.


As tempting as it may be to use a wet trail and just go around or through the wet area, please keep in mind that you are not the only one using the trails and your actions affect all users.  If everyone goes around the puddle it widens the trail over time. Going across the wet area leaves imprints when the area dries. Wet trails cannot handle weight, especially that of an, on average, 800 lb horse. They cannot repair themselves from such trauma making it difficult for others to use them once they dry. Having to navigate over uneven ground left by hoof, foot and tire prints is dangerous and spoils the enjoyment of the trail for others.


Another concern related directly to equestrians - their horses specifically - is manure. While we may be ‘desensitized’ to manure, other trail users are not.  Please go off trail when necessary or dismount and clear your horse’s manure from the trail, keep him moving during the process or ride through it to scatter it so it will decompose faster. In the parking lot, take your manure with you or scatter it.

Help spread the word – and the manure.


Remember, you represent all equestrians when you’re on the trail. Your actions and attitude speak for all of us, so please let your message be a positive one.  Be considerate and respectful of other users and be a good steward of the forest.

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